Case Study:

Boundary 43, Brackley

Boundary 43, Brackley

The design and construction of 14 light industrial/warehouse units

The construction involving 14 light industrial/warehouse units across 4 blocks has been completed on a design and build contract. The successful completion of this project was marked by a meticulous orchestration of essential tasks, including the precision-driven external site works such as hard standings, landscaping, car parking, and drainage solutions, which included the diversion of a main sewer and new substation.

The project ventured into the realm of comprehensive Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) installations. Ventilation systems imparted vitality to the spaces, ensuring an environment of optimum freshness and comfort; state-of-the-art cooling systems graced every area. Vigilant fire alarm setups stood as sentinels of safety, complemented by strategically placed emergency lighting. Additionally, EV Charges with installed along with the installation of Low Voltage (LV) systems created a robust network of connectivity.



Form of Contract:

JCT D&B 2011 with 2015 update Design & Build




Nine months

Project Manager:

Paul Haywood

Completion Date:

March 2023


KE Architecture (London) Ltd.




Boundary Road, Brackley

Boundary 43 Brackley, Gallery: